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The pleading of a nervous n00b
moist > edward
I've been picking away my blood elf paladin's flag for the past few days now and, despite revising it around three or four times, I'm extremely unsatisfied with the results. I don't know if the problem is with the flag itself or if it's me being a nervous newbie. It's probably both.

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(no subject)

Hello! I'm new to this community... And um, I joined because I wanted to see if I'm doing anything wrong with my characters.

So uh, without further ado, flags!Collapse )

Feeling bland

Greetings community! I thought I would share with you my woes of this human mage. I'm not actually sure what to do with her in terms of appearance or history even, perhaps someone can point me to a good starting point.

Description : Kaidith's face is rather squared, her jaw pronounced, the same could be said of her figure, broad shoulders and a rather thick midsection ; toned from physical labor.

She has a perpetual look of annoyance plastered on her face, her eyes alert and glancing around, her hair arranged in a tight pony tail.

Her attire is mostly reds and blacks, she never wears gloves.

I honestly have no idea about the flow of her description... as for her history ; Probably something about Dalaran.

I'm aiming to make her middle-aged so I would guess around 35 or so, I've no clear idea about the time-line involving Dalaran so I'm in a rather tight jam.

Knights of the Ebon Blade RP Community

I would just like to let people here know that there is a Death Knight community in existence that holds itself to a cross-server standard, though it is currently limited to WrA and Farstriders. That said, I was hoping to find people who would be willing to spread the message to all other RP servers as I can only manage so much in my time. If anyone is interested in being their server's representative for our community, please let me know and if there is anything I can do to help you with it.

What we are about: the promoting of, not only more Death Knight and Ebon Blade RP, but also of lore-compliancy for all Death Knights who join our community. We do not accept San'layn, pregnant Death Knights or anything of that sort, however, we are happy to accept players who are new and not well-polished on the lore if they are willing to learn more about the class's lore.

A few things to know about the community:
We are not a guild, simply a group of Death Knights that communicate with one another, set up events, RP, etc.

There is no activity requirement. Though we would love you to post your heart out, we won't force you to do anything.

All people of all servers, both factions, are welcome and encouraged to join. We would love to foster cross-faction RP especially, because it's such a centralized theme for the Ebon Blade.

For each server and each faction, there is an OOC channel for the coordination and communication of all members. The channel is shared on the website (precaution against trolls and the like).

The website is The application is simply to get to know applicants and to let us know largely about lore experience and knowledge, so we can offer help as needed. :)

As far as contacts go, I am the leader of both servers' communities at the moment. I can be reached here or on the site, or alternatively on the Farstriders server on Ashirana or Alshiva.


Did somebody say Mur..*ahem* Trolls?
Jade - Evil scientist extrodinare!
(Recently found this place, it looks awesome so far~)

I wanted to throw out some of my own ideas on trolls here and ask the community it's opinion on the subject.

Mostly, I wanted to talk about their biology.

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Let's talk about death knights!
So I mentioned over on warcraftsues that death knight bio-necrology is one of my Things that I like to talk about to an indecent degree, whether it's to what extent blood rune healing works to how disease magic functions to what the Plague actually is to death knight sex (yes--really! Not everyone does it and that is fine, too.) to how necromantic animation operates.

I am going to be a bad and just leave this here for questions since I'm running out the door for lunch now, but LET US TALK DEATH KNIGHTS.

(no subject)
chainsaw, kanaya
So!  This is my first real attempt at both roleplaying in WoW and writing a flag, so I'd really appreciate some advice on how it looks.

Jonnelas Sunspell, Blood Elf MageCollapse )
Also, would it be okay to include an OOC note stating that I’ve got a trial account?  I’ve gotten a lot of whispers about joining guilds and stuff, and I think it’d be nice to let people know I can’t do that so they don’t take the time to ask.

Yet Another Low-Pop RP Server That Wants RP: The Scryers US
Yahtzee - IM A RITER
So yeah, similar to runepup, my lovely little low-pop backwater server which fights with Farstriders for the bottom of the progression lists could also use an injection of RP. At least on Alliance side, where me and mine play.

We need a few good RP'in Alliance men and women.Collapse )

Wanting to Reroll? Please Consider Farstriders
I spoke to a couple of mods of this community to make sure this wasn't a problem and now it's time to speak to you.

I'm going to be incredibly honest with you here. Mostly because I'm very nearly pleading with you. I see a lot of people talking about rerolling characters to start fresh and they always pick the same servers to do this one. Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord have long been and still are considered the Meccas of RP servers. This is, obviously, because they are (supposedly) crawling with RP. This leaves some of the other RP servers floundering.

Like my server. My home.

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Please be gentle!
I race-changed my shaman from a tauren to a troll, and then I transferred her to an RP server. So I started reading up on troll lore seeing as she's my very first character ever, and she's got a special place in my heart.

Now, I'm pretty new to this whole RP thing, so any help is appreciated. Also, because I don't know how to embed pixies, here's the gist of it:

Description: "Necali is a proud troll. Her bright red hair is neatly braided, and her armor - ever present - is clean and well-kept.

That is not to say she is soft or more "civilized" than the average troll. She is usually sporting bruises, testament to her short temper, love of fights, or both.

Her fangs are long and rather impressive - for a female, anyway - and are kept fairly sharp. She is lean, with defined muscles that reflect her very active life-style. Her hands are calloused from wielding weapons on a regular basis.

While she's usually wearing her goggles, when she removes them one can see her red eyes with faint wrinkles beginning to appear around them. She is generally scowling, and is not very well-known for smiling - unless she's about to get into a fight."

She's about 6"5, has red eyes, is an adult (figure between 30 and 35 years old). I figure at that age she can have traveled with the Darkspear when they first settled on the Echo Isles. I'm still working on her background, so any help there would be most appreciated.

I's afraid she may look too "fighty," but I'm trying to go for a very aggressive character. I'm getting her gear to become an enhancement shaman. She's an alchemist and an engineer, but I'm not sure how engineering would work out ICly.

Sorry for the long post, and thankies for your help!


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